40 years dedicated to the world of automation and industrial electricity

In September 1980, our journey at Coeva Barcelona began.

About us

Coeva Barcelona SA is a company founded in 1980 dedicated to the distribution of internationally recognized brands in the industrial and installation world. Our motto from the beginning is to give the best solution to the client with a fast and efficient service.

Our clients are among the main manufacturers of machinery and installers of industrial processes. In these 40 years, the relationship, and complicity, with the best manufacturers in the sector today has been consolidated.

At 40 we start a new stage!

We are totally independent and faithful to our strategic plan.

This began in 2017 with the aim of offering our clients technological and innovative solutions.

Our most relevant value is the competitiveness based on the practical experience that we have developed over the years.

Making our clients worthy of the proud legacy left by the founding partners.