Switchgear and maneuver

We have a wide range of switchgear and maneuver control solutions. From the push button, contactor, traditional circuit breaker, to innovative solutions with communication bus and new types of assembly such as Tesys U from Schneider Electric or SmartWire from Eaton Moeller among others…

Quality cos to guarantee the proper functioning of your processes: contactors, disconnectors, fuses, switches, etc. All the components that make up the control cabinets for machinery or distribution boards with the aim of controlling and distributing electrical energy safely for the correct operation of the connected devices.


traditional solutions

Having a good PLC does not ensure, at all, the proper functioning of the machine. Pushbuttons, pilot lights, beacons, circuit breakers, contactors, relays, etc. they are ultimately responsible for the whole working properly.

That is why we believe that:

  • It must have a good design both for the assembly and its visual appearance.

  • It has to be built to last.

  • It must be of a brand that can be easily found.

Soluciones Innovadoras

Thanks to the new technologies and the R&D of the main manufacturers, it allows us to offer our clients solutions for:

  • Simply mounting.
  • Savings in material, less stocks in spare parts.

  • Quick installation and easy maintenance.

  • More efficient machines.

Smartwire from Eaton Moeller, Tesys U from Schneider Electric, Contactron from Phoenix Contact are clear examples of products that allow us to add value to our machine or installation compared to others.