Guaranteeing the computer security of a company is essential. Protect your production systems with the best IT security solutions.

With the entry of Industry 4.0 and IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things), companies and their productive means use connected infrastructures both at the operational (OT) and corporate (IT) levels. Industrial control systems, which have traditionally been disconnected, are at risk of being affected by cyberattacks. The impact of these incidents, whether malicious, unintentional or accidental, can entail both a risk to the safety of workers and costly periods of inactivity or lack of control that can jeopardize production and profits. For this reason, it is increasingly essential to adopt protection measures against failures or cyberattacks.

Protect your production systems. The Hirschmann brand offers a wide catalogue of cybersecurity products focused on protecting network infrastructure and guaranteeing the quality and productivity of its systems.

Hirschmann products make it possible to build a secure computer system against any type of interruption. To do this, they have different types of switches, routers, firewalls, and Layer-2 and Layer-3 industrial security devices. These include computing tools such as access control lists, stateful inspection, and deep packet inspection. The latter allow the implementation of an advanced and configurable security system according to the needs of the company, carrying out different types of filtering.



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