We have detection solutions from highly recognized manufacturers in the market for all types of applications.

position switches

Position switches are key elements of automated installations. We have the possibility of offering you different types: miniature, compact or with a multitude of heads.

Inductive proximity switches

These types of detectors are used to detect metal parts without contact at a distance of between 0 and 60mm, depending on the model. We have all kinds of formats: cylindrical, compact, NPN, PNP output, 2-wire…

Ultrasonic detectors

Through ultrasound technology, this type of detectors are capable of detecting or measuring, depending on the product, up to distances of 10m. We have different formats: static, analog outputs…

RFID identification

RFID technology is used for traceability, object identification, access control and storage applications. The systems work through a receiver (usually a tag) and a reading or writing station via radio frequency.


A photoelectric detector consists of a light emitter associated with a receiver sensitive to the amount of light received. We have infrared, ultraviolet, visible red or green light and laser detectors.


Encoders allow us to control the position and speed of a certain process. We can offer you different options: incremental or absolute encoders and bus communication such as Can Open or Profibus.