Energy efficiency

Global changes are getting faster and deeper at the same time. The energy dilemma forces us to maximize energy performance to adapt and manage energy consumption, energy costs and pollutants.


We offer energy advice to optimize consumption in your industrial facilities.


We have a wide range of capacitors and regulators for different powers and phases, to generate reactive energy in the opposite direction to that consumed in the installation. The application of these neutralizes the effect of losses due to magnetic fields. By installing capacitors, the total energy consumption (active + reactive) is reduced.


We have a wide range of electronic items for home automation and building automation for installations with:

  • Remote control from inside the home: through a communication scheme with the different equipment (remote control, communication bus, etc.).

  • Remote control from outside the house.

  • Programmability: Home systems can be programmed to either perform certain functions at the touch of a button or to perform them based on other environmental conditions (time, indoor or outdoor temperature).

  • Access to external services: Internet access services, teleshopping, etc.

  • Management of energy consumption, through timers, programmer clocks, thermostats, charging accumulators to benefit from nightly rates.

  • Automatic controls for services of: Heating, Hot water, Cooling, Lighting and the management of elements such as accesses, blinds, awnings, windows, automatic irrigation, etc.

  • Security: Management of access control and presence control, presence simulation. Intrusion alarms.

  • Safety of people: radio frequency buttons.

  • Sensors, detectors for fires, gas and water leaks, with a telephone node, to divert the alarm to the emergency services.
  • Communications: systems integration, nodes (residential gateway) that interconnect the home automation network with different devices, such as the Internet, the telephone network, etc.