Low voltage protections

We have a wide range of devices for low voltage protection, control and supervision of drives, which allows you to market protection solutions against transient overvoltages for electrical equipment, computer equipment, communication networks and we have protectors against transient overvoltages (SPD , TVSS, surge suppressor, etc.).

They allow the functions of motors, solenoid valves and power in general to be controlled and to prevent service shutdowns through alarms to solve erroneous operations before the drive is damaged and, ultimately, minimize the effects on the production plant.

We have ranges of protectors designed to protect equipment from transient overvoltages that arrive through the electrical network. The protections are easily installed on a DIN rail and integrated into electrical panels. They also come in boxes already wired and assembled.

We also have an MSB range of single-phase protectors that are easily integrated into equipment, as the last stage of protection.